Play & Education
Play & Education - Make waiting fun

Make waiting easy, fun and educational with the Play & Education solution from Starbit. We present a digitalized furniture with a 24” touchscreen complete with games - tailor made to go with your organisation's brand. 

The design is made with kids in mind and is both durable and ready to face a tough environment. A perfect solution for waiting rooms, preschools, shopping centers or terminals.

  • Adaptable game types
  • Custom made games with your brand
  • Durable hardware & materials for public use.
  • ECO-sensors
  • Online statistics
  • Curriculum adaptable for Schools
  • Pay to play as optional

Customized for your needs

All the modules and devices can be adapted as desired. The games are yours to pick and can be adapted to kids at any age. For the smaller children it's possible to add analog games like puzzle, maze and noughts and crosses. A perfect pastime that is both fun and educational. 

All games from Starbit give regular statistical updates and information on how often every device is used. The information gives you options to make changes and add- or remove games and modules.

Snowdepth sensor

SDM-LW is a battery powered sensor for measuring snow depth and weather conditions. The sensor is designed for outdoor use and mounting on posts or flat vertical surfaces. The unit can last up to 10 years without changing the battery.

SDM-LW is completely wireless and communicates via LoRa Wan or LTE. The snow depth is measured optically at distances up to 50 meters.

Examples of applications
  • Automatic call-up of resources for snow removal
  • Calculation of snow load on property roofs
  • Collection of weather data
  • Measurement of snow depth in tracks, ski slopes etc.
  • Snow depth forecast
  • Area visualization of snow depth

  • LoRa Wan (LTE Optional)
  • Snow depth sensor
  • Battery lifespan
  • Temperature measurement (-40̊ to + 85̊)
  • Humidity measurement (0 to 100%)
  • Air pressure measurement (300 to 1100 hPa)
  • Autocalibrating